Myths about The I-81 Challenge

Myth #1: The solution for I-81 has already been determined

  • There is NO PREDETERMINED solution for I-81
  • At this point in the process, we are focusing on a set of strategies that emerged from all the input at the May 2011 public workshops
  • You can explore these strategies as part of this public

Myth #2: We will have a solution for I-81 in six months

  • A solution is several years away
  • Federal and state environmental review requirements take time
  • A longer time frame allows for a better process than in the 1950s

Myth #3: There is funding for an I-81 solution right now

  • There is funding to identify and study reasonable solutions for I-81 right now
  • Funding for constructing the best solution(s) is not yet available

Myth #4: This effort is all about the viaduct

  • This effort will study I-81 through the entire Syracuse region.